Now when the car is finally unpacked, I can finally sit down... 'cause Ive been jumping the whole night!
Totally awesome gig tonight... over 200 guests and everyone were dancing like hell, even when I decided to play some Hardstyle which was extremely cool (and funny) to watch the kids jump and dance like freaks all night!
Big shout out to my kid brother which was the one who hired me!

Now Im going to watch some movie and go to sleep... Long trip tommorrow to Örebro!
Have a good one!
Good day in the studio today!
Are almost done with my new track called ''
Medival'' and have also have been finishing the mastering on ''Confession''.
Have also started on a track called ''
Bunker Buster'' which have a little bit harder nature and soundbuild in it so it will be fun to see it finished!
Now I'm about to call my pal
MC Paintrain so we can record some vocals for the tracks!

Peace out!