Last night fucking rocked!!! Helsingborg, you really know how to party!!!

I want to thank Electronic Massacre Crew in Helsingborg for probably the best gig I've ever had!!! The crowd,the venue, THE FEELING! Everything was fucking nuts!!!

Hope to see you next time Helsingborg :D!!!

PS: I will post an aftermovie of my gig on my YouTube channel: later today!
And I will also upload it here on my webiste in the ''Media -> Movies'' Section!

Stay tuned!
This weekend I played at Energy of Sound... for 8 minutes :S

Now you might ask "Why only 8 minutes''? This is why: The management told me stop play during my set!

The set started out well and people were dancing like crazy, but after a couple of minutes (
sort of during the third track) the management told me stop playing. I asked why and they said that nobody was dancing (even when I saw that people were dancing like crazy). I didn't want to argue with them about that because, well... they are the bosses after all right? 
So I packed my CDs and headphones and went backstage. Then just seconds later I got a TON (
!!!) of text messages on my phone by people asking me when I was going to play again. I said that I will probably not play more for the night which ended with that all people who came to listen to hardstyle left which i actually think kinda sucked...

Personally I cant say that I don't care, because this is actually a very big deal on two means:
  1. The Crowd: The people who came to the event to listen to Hardstyle didn't get what they wanted! They had been waiting all night for the hardstyle to start and it was just for a brief moment that they got what they were promised and that is (if you ask me) very egoistic! Here in Sweden it aint that normal for U18s to go to Hardstyle parties because everyone think that they are too small for this kind of music. I certainly disagree with this! They are the ones who are going to bring this genre to the next generation and if they like the music they should be allowed to go to parties were they play Hardstyle! More U18 parties for the people!
  2. MeThis is the second time this kind of stuff has happened to me. I think that many people that book you to play Hardstyle thinks that you are going to play Headhunterz and Showtek all night, but this is a musicgenre like everyone else with a lot of different artists. Sure HHz and ST are probably the artists that people will first hear of when they start listening to HS which automaticly makes them the most popular ones and the frame to how hardstyle should sound so when they hear new projects that sounds differently makes it "a bad tune". They booked me to play Hardstyle, and I know Hardstyle so I played Hardstyle. So know after the events I have heard alot of talking about how bad I were playing during the event (just like the last time this happened) and I must say that it really sucks to hear people say that you cant play your music genre... I say that it was egoistic of the management to ruin my reputation here in Halmstad even more but in the end of the day: I just did what they told me so I cant complain that much in a proffesional manner, but in a personal manner it was a suckerpunch in the balls!

Leave you comments about what you think about this (either in
English or Swedish) and your experiences in this type of manners!

Peace out!